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For Drug & Alcohol Treatment Providers

The Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) is responsible for the licensure of any partnership, corporation, proprietorship, or other legal entity intending to provide drug and alcohol treatment services.  The Department has regulatory responsibility through its licensure authority over both public and private drug and alcohol treatment facilities.  Below is a list of resources for drug and alcohol treatment providers located in Pennsylvania.



Change of Ownership
License Renewal Inspections
Licensing Regulations
Licensing Alerts
Plan of Correction



PCPC 3rd Edition
Treatment Manual (PDF) -- For use by those providers under contract with an SCA for case management services.



These forms are a tool for Providers under contract with a Single County Authority (SCA) to use to meet data collection requirements

DDAP-EFM-1000 - Screening Tool - Part 1 Client Profile (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1001 - Screening Tool - Part 2 Client Screen (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1002 - Adolescent Placement Summary Sheet (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1003 - PCPC Summary Sheet (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1004 - Authorization (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1005 - Client Admission (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1005a - Client Admission - Licensed Program Codes (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1005b - Client Admission - Detailed Drug Codes (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1006 - Services Rendered (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1007 - Client Discharge (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1008 - Case Management Service Plan (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1009 - Grievance and Appeal Reporting (DOCX)
DDAP-EFM-1010 - PCPC Attestation (DOCX)