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​2020 Psychostimulant Symposium

The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, in coordination with the Liberty Mid-Atlantic High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program and National Emerging Threats Initiative, convened the second Pennsylvania Psychostimulant Symposium on December 2 - 3, 2020. Cognizant of the safety and health of participants the 2020 Symposium was held virtually.

Recorded Presentations

Below you will find recordings of all presentations during the two-day symposium. View session descriptions and/or the symposium agenda with faculty names/bios for more details about each presentation.


  • Day 1 Plenary 1 - Opening Remarks, That Was Then; This Is Now, Stimulant Use Disorders: Epidemiology, Clinical Challenges, and Review of Treatments.
  • Day 1 Plenary 2 - Weathering the Perfect Storm: Stimulant Treatment and Recovery During a Pandemic
  • Day 1 Breakout 1 A - Stimulant Use Among Criminal Justice-Involved Populations: Meeting Evolving Needs, Raising New Concerns
  • Day 1 Breakout 1 B - Stimulant Use Disorders: The Problem and the Evidence-Based Treatments
  • Day 1 Breakout 1 C - Veterans in Treatment and Recovery: Serving Those Who Served
  • Day 1 Breakout 1 D - The Slippery Slope from Stimulants to Human Trafficking
  • Day 1 Breakout 2 A - Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Stimulant Safety Initiative
  • Day 1 Breakout 2 B - Don’t Forget the Elephant in the Room: Trauma-Informed Care
  • Day 1 Breakout 2 C - Harm Reduction: Meet Me and Walk with Me
  • Day 1 Breakout 2 D - First-Hand Accounts from First Responders
  • Day 1 Plenary 3 - The Bias of First Impressions, Day 1 Closing Remarks

  • Day 2 Plenary 4 - Day 2 Opening Remarks, A Mother’s Journey with her Daughter’s Addiction, The Data Tells the Story
  • Day 2 Breakout 3 A - De-escalating Aggression Arising from Stimulant Use: Protecting Responders and Persons in Drug-Induced Crises
  • Day 2 Breakout 3 B - Same Storm, Different Boat: Addressing Stimulant Use Disorder in Underserved Sectors of the Population
  • Day 2 Breakout 3 C - Thinking Outside the Box: Treatment and Recovery Programs that Unwrap New Possibilities
  • Day 2 Breakout 3 D - Poison Control Centers – If You Don’t Know About Us, This Session is the Antidote
  • Day 2 Plenary 5 - Did Someone Say We’d Look Back on This and Laugh?, Closing Remarks

Questions Answered Post-Symposium

There was not enough time to answer questions during certain portions of the Symposium. Some questions were taken back for responses after-the-fact. View post-symposium responses to questions.


At the 2019 Pennsylvania Psychostimulant Symposium, a number of exhibits lined the hallway to share information with participants during breaks and lunch. With the virtual nature of the 2020 Symposium, exhibits for this year’s event are online to serve as a resource to attendees and a wider audience.

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

PA Department of Aging

PA Department of Community & Economic Development

PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs

PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency - Trauma Informed Core Values and Resource Review

PA Department of Military and Veterans Affairs - Counterdrug Joint Task Force Drug Demand Reduction Civil Operations

PA Department of State - About DOS

PA Insurance Department - A Targeted Response to Increasing Behavioral Health Treatment Access

PA Office of Attorney General - Law Enforcement Treatment Initiative

PA Opioid Command Center - Command Center Strategic Plan

PA State Police - Drug Law Enforcement Division