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Please note that DDAP did not create new videos that reflect changes to some screens in PA WITS.  These changes are visible in the PA WITS User Guide.
TEDS Data Entry - Full Video - Complete training video for the TEDS data entry process within the basic version of PA WITS.  Stream Video | Download
Client Search and Creation - Search for existing clients and create new clients.  Stream Video | Download
Episode Creation - Create a new treatment episode and admit the client into the facility.  Stream Video | Download
Initial Outcome Measures - Create the Initial Outcome Measure with information collected on the Client Admission form, which is DDAP Form 1005.  Stream Video | Download
Client Diagnosis - Enter the client diagnosis from the Client Admission form, which is DDAP Form 1005.  CAUTION:  Only trained medical professionals can diagnose clients.  Data entry staff should only enter information found on the Client Admission form, and select Unknown if they are unable to find the diagnosis in the available list.  Stream Video | Download
Program Enrollment - Enroll a client into a program, or level of care, within the facility.  Stream Video | Download
Update Outcome Measures (ext) - Create an Update Outcome Measure when discharging a client from one program and admitting into a new program.  Stream Video | Download
Final Outcome Measures and Discharge (ext) - Create a Final Outcome Measure and Discharge when the client has completed treatment or is being referred to another facility.  Stream Video | Download