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For Single County Authorities (SCA)

The Department of Drug & Alcohol Programs publishes your county drug and alcohol office information on our GetHelpNow application.  Please report any updates of your information to your DDAP County Oversight Program Representative.

Below is a list of the various documents associated with the current grant agreement between DDAP and the SCAs. 


Fiscal Manual (PDF)
Operations Manual (PDF)
PA Client Placement Criteria (PCPC) 3rd Edition Manual (PDF)
Prevention Manual (PDF)
Treatment Manual (PDF)


DDAP-EFM-1002 - ASAM Placement Summary Sheet (DOCX)*
DDAP-EFM-1003 - PCPC Summary Sheet (DOCX)

DDAP-EFM-1004 - Authorization (DOCX)


*This form is being provided by DDAP in the instance there is an entity that is not required to enter the ASAM Criteria information into PA WITS but still wishes to use the form.


Client Liability Form (XLS)
IOP-Partial Client Liability Table (PDF)
Outpatient Drug-Free Client Liability Table (PDF)
Residential Client Liability Table (PDF)


A- Standard General Terms and Conditions (Rev 7-15) (PDF)
B- Audit Requirements (Rev 07-15) (PDF)
C- Commonwealth Travel and Subsistance Rates (Rev 07-15) (PDF)
D- Federal Lobbying Certification and Disclosure (Rev 12-05) (PDF)
E- Minimum Personal Computer Hardware Software and Peripherals Requirements (Rev 07-15) (PDF)
F- Pro-Children Act of 1994 (PDF)
G- SAPTBG Provisions (Rev 07-15) (PDF)
H- Right to Know Law (PDF)

I- Enhanced Minimum Wage Provisions (Rev 07/15) (PDF)