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​Recovery Rising

Supporting Many Pathways Towards a Unified Vision

DDAP has launched an initiative called Recovery Rising to foster a resilient, diverse, and accessible recovery environment in Pennsylvania. DDAP has partnered with SAMHSA’s Opioid Response Network (ORN) and ORN partner C4 Innovations to plan and guide this initiative. This recovery environment would support:

  • multiple pathways to improved health and personal wellness,
  • diversity, equity, and inclusion,
  • community acceptance, and
  • personal autonomy and empowerment.

This six-month initiative will explore diverse viewpoints and experiences and share research and data to enrich
awareness of the full range of recovery options.


Phase 1 Recovery Rising Report

Advisory Commission Team

An Advisory Commission of influencers – spanning peer, clinical, policy, family, and community roles – will guide this process to culminate in a framework for change that embraces a unified vision representing varied perspectives of recovery support services. This framework will offer specific steps for implementation and will be shared with the recovery community, service providers, community organizations, policymakers, and the public to facilitate widespread support.

​H. Harrington “Bo” Cleveland​Penn State University
​Rosa Davis
​Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery (POWER)​West
​Jamie Drake
​Carbon-Monroe-Pike Drug and Alcohol Commission​North
​Gloria Gallagher
​PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs
​Denise Holden
​RASE Project
​Robin Horston Spencer​Message Carriers of Pennsylvania​West
​Commissioner Donna Iannone​Sullivan County
​Bobbie Johnson
​Laurie Johnson-Wade​Lost Dreams Awakening
​Jennifer King
​Pennsylvania Recovery Organization – Achieving Community Together (PRO-ACT)​Southeast
​David Kelley
​PA Office of Medical Assistance Programs​Southcentral
​Dale Klatzker​Gaudenzia​Southeast
​David Loveland
​Community Care Behavioral Health​Southeast
Michael LynchUniversity of Pittsburgh School of Medicine & Pittsburgh Poison Center​West
​Nancy Marcus Newman​Bridge Foundation​Southeast
​Kathleen Mastendrea​Twelve-Step Recovery
​Patty McCarthy
​Faces and Voices of Recovery
​John Petruzzelli ​Kolbe Academy
​Jason Snyder
​Rehabilitation and Community Providers Association (RCPA)​Southcentral
​Bill Stauffer
​Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations – Alliance (PRO-A)​Southcentral
​Fred Way
​Pennsylvania Alliance of Recovery Residences (PARR)​Southeast
​Mel Wells
​One Day At A Time (ODAAT)
​Laurie Wicks
​Senator Gene Yaw
​General Assembly
​Jennifer Zampogna
​Lawyers for Lawyers

To learn more about Recovery Rising, please email DDAP at or Livia Davis, Chief Learning Officer at C4 Innovations.