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For Prescribers

Just like any disease, early diagnosis, efficient referral, and the appropriate level of treatment are critical for desired outcomes.  Substance use disorders are no different.  More and more, Primary Care Physicians (PCPs)  are now responsible for the detection, assessment, and intervention of substance use disorders.  At a minimum, routine screening for alcohol use and substance misuse should be part of all primary care practices.  Ideally, PCPs should be comfortable and competent in their ability to assess, intervene, and treat or refer patients needing substance use care..

Prescription drug misuse has become an issue of national importance.  In order to help stem this epidemic, there has been a call for more judicious prescribing on the part of physicians and other healthcare providers.  These guidelines suggest that health care providers incorporate the following key practices for patient​s receiving opioids under their care.

For more prescriber information about the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program visit the Department of Health's website.