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PA WITS Training

Welcome to the DDAP training site for the Pennsylvania Web Infrastructure for Treatment Services (PA WITS).  Here you will find user guides, tips, and training videos to assist you with the data entry process in PA WITS.

How do I get started?

PA WITS has been preloaded with all contracted providers and their requested user accounts.  To begin using PA WITS, each treatment provider must send a Qualified Service Organization Agreement (QSOA) to the PA WITS Service Desk. (A QSOA is not needed for Prevention agencies.  Contact your SCA for more information.)

Treatment facilities and those entering SOR information into PA WITS need to complete the following appropriate form(s):  

  New Treatment Agency Request - DDAP-EFM-7100 - Adds a new Agency to the PA-WITS system and establishes start-up user accounts.
  Additional Treatment Facility Request - DDAP-EFM-7101 - Adds Additional Facilities to a new or existing PA-WITS Agency.
  Authorized Program Addition Request  - DDAP-EFM-7102 - Must be completed for each individual facility to specify the Authorized Programs/Services they provide in the PA-WITS system.

User documentation and training videos

For ALL PA-WITS Users:

Treatment Agency Users: