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ASAM Transition

Important Note* We have updated the ASAM portion of our website. The ASAM Transition Website Changes document describes the changes made during this process.

Aligned Facilities

ASAM Level 2.5 (Partial Hospitalization Services) Aligned Facilities
ASAM Level 3.7 (Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient) Aligned Facilities

ASAM Service Alignment


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Level 1.0 Outpatient

Level 2.0 Intensive Outpatient

​Level 3.0 Residential/Inpatient Services

Level 4.0 Medically Managed Intensive Inpatient


Effective February 1, 2022, DDAP expanded its approved curriculum to include an additional online training through The American Society of Addiction Medicine, increasing the number of approved online ASAM trainings to two options.  Learn more.

Monthly ASAM Technical Assistance Series

ASAM Monthly Technical Assistance Series

July 2024: Conversations with Scott Boyles Part II  ​

V​iew Slides  |  View Recording​

June 2024: Conversations with Scott Boyles Part I

May 2024: The Intersection of Brain Injury and Substance Use Disorders

April 2024: Provider Alignment Reviews

March 2024: Individualized Services

February 2024: Onsite Review Expectations

December 2023: Case Management Services - Part 2
View Slides  | View Recording 

September 2023: MOUD Bridge Services Presentation
View Slides  | View Recording | Bridge Program Contact List 

August 2023: Case Management Services - Part 1
View Slides  | View Recording 

June 2023: Residential Family Services
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A 

May 2023: ASAM Family Treatment
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A 

April 2023: Comparing Levels 1, 2.1, 2.5, & OTP Services
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A

March 2023: Comparing Level 3 Residential Services and Recovery House Information
View Slides | View Recording 

February 2023: Guiding Principles of The ASAM Criteria
View Slides | View Recording 

November 2022: ASAM Alignment Reviews
View Slides | View Recording 

October 2022: Individualized Program Schedules
View Slides | View Recording

September 2022: Withdrawal Management
View Slides | View Recording 

August 2022: ASAM Alignment Review Provider Perspective & Record Review
View Slides | View Recording

July 2022: ASAM Alignment Document Review
View Slides | View Recording

June 2022: Staffing
View Slides | View Recording

May 2022: Support System
View Slides | View Recording

April 2022ASAM Myths and Facts
View Slides | View Recording

March 2022: Special Populations
View Slides View Recording | Q&A

February 2022: Co-Occurring Capability
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A

January 2022: Therapies
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A

December 2021: Individualized Documentation Considerations
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A

November 2021: MAT Across the Continuum of Care
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A

October 2021: ASAM Update by DDAP and DHS
View Slides | View Recording | Q&A 

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