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PA Open Beds 

The PA Open Beds is an innovative tool developed by the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) to more effectively use the treatment beds available in the Pennsylvania drug and alcohol treatment system during the current opioid addiction and overdose death epidemic, which has created a great demand for and strain on our treatment system.

DDAP’s objective is to create an effective statewide substance abuse professional tool to communicate bed availability between providers, SCAs and other treatment referral sources. This tool is an opportunity to:
  • Provide each licensed non-hospital detox and inpatient residential treatment provider the ability to register, access and share information on available beds and set-up email alerts, which any referral source can receive. 
  • Allow providers and SCAs to voluntarily establish a streamlined treatment referral process and ensure more immediate and appropriate access to residential placements for individuals in need of substance use disorder treatment.

DDAP encourages the use of the PA Open Beds system for substance abuse treatment professionals and is ready to support your designated points of contact and operators for this system. 

If you need information to sign-up or further assistance, please email